Love & Basketball: Wizards Rookie John Wall And College Sensation Skylar Diggins Flirting?

For the past week or so, Notre Dame’s sophomore point guard Skylar Diggins has captured the heart of twitter ‘verse’,  her twitter numbers soared from just around 20,000 to over 85,000 at last glance.

She’s also got the attention of quite a few famous guys.Lil Wayne and Chris Brown are the two names mentioned most often. But quietly it looks like she may have made her pick.

Wizards rookie John Wall made this tweet a few days ago which Skylar immediately ReTweeted:

#OOMF means one of my followers (I was confused, so I inquired. Each one, teach one)

That was followed up with this tweet from Skylar:

And then he responded:

You ain’t messing with his “Dougie”

While this doesn’t prove that they’re in an actual situation or developing one, I will say that’s a lot of blowing kisses to just be tweet-friends. What??? You were thinking it to!

It’s spring, perfect time for a little harmless flirting right?