One On One With Basketball Wives’ Gloria Govan Part 2

Part 2 of My One on One Interview with Gloria Govan. If you missed Part 1, check it out HERE:

Jill: Okay, one unpleasant moment, what happened this summer…

Gloria: With what, the…

Jill: With the wedding, Matt’s arrest

Gloria: Well, I definitely think Matt kind of got the short end of the stick.  There are ups and downs and bumps with every relationship.  And this summer was only a minor speed bump that we had to work our way over.  We’re fine now, we’re happy.  But this summer we were going through changes in our relationship.

You know, a lot of people understand how stressful it is when you are unsure of where you’re gonna be.  And that in terms of not knowing where you’re gonna live or where the kids are gonna go to school, or where we’re gonna be traded, or if we are gonna be picked up at all, you know.  That was very, very stressful.  And him having a stressful season in Orlando and then not getting what he assumed, or what was kind of “promised” to him from Orlando, it was just really frustrating.

And you know, I think we kind of took the opportunity to just sit down and realize that a) our wedding was I think kind of socially pressured for lack of a better term; done to prove you know what I mean, what we have is real, and to prove what we have?  Like well, look what we could do, or look who we can have at our wedding.

So I think we realized we were doing it for the wrong reasons, so it was cancelled.  With the technology these days, we just texted everybody.  Like he texted his crew, and I texted mine, and it was like, hey, it’s over, woo-hoo.  And what’s funny, everybody was in really great support of that.  Our friends and family were like well, if you feel like that’s the right thing to do then it’s the right thing to do, you know.

But with the allegations of domestic violence, I think you know, arguing turned into kind of like high volume…like going at it.  You know what I mean?  I just think the wrong people got involved.  I know the police were called.  And what’s funny, I’m not going to say oh, I dropped the charges, but there were never charges brought against him from me.

And that’s what I think you’d find interesting is that the judge dropped the charges because there was insufficient evidence.  And I think that just goes to show that the cops were just excited because it was Matt Barnes and we live in a really small community.  He is kind of a big deal because he is from Sacramento and we go there every summer.  So people know who he is and they kind of know where he lives.  I think the cops that were called to our house were just like oh, my God, this is our chance.  This is our chance to put our names on the map.  And you’re like no, this could ruin careers, what are you guys doing?

And so they were dropped because of insufficient evidence and not because of me being like no, nothing happened.  Well, nothing did happen.  I didn’t bring any charges to him.  We didn’t even have to go to court.  It was really that bad of a job from the police department.  So that’s kind of where that is.

Jill: So what is next for you personally [in California?]

Gloria: Yeah, well, you know, my sister and I are actually starting a foundation, it’s called GLG for short.  It stands for Gift of Love and Generosity.  And we really want to focus on young women and young kids and kid of provide them with the opportunity for growth;  whether through sports or it’s a mentor and supporting them in some of the things they’re doing.

Gloria:  so that’s kind of where we are.  We have that foundation.  It’s very brand new.  We’re just working on it, so I think you can look forward to some events and interesting things coming from that foundation.  And I’m working on a cookbook

Jill: That’s different.

Gloria: Yeah, I think a lot of women just gotta do the clothing line and the shoe line, which don’t get me wrong, I’m obviously very interested in, but that’s just really not for me.  If I were to do a clothing line it might be like something for my kids because they’re big boys and it’s really hard to find cute clothes for little boys without it being an arm and a leg.  So if I were to do something like that it would be for a kids clothing line maybe.  But again, we have GLG, the cookbook, and kind of maybe putting a little bug in people’s ear about me doing a potential spin-off in L.A.

Jill:  That sounds good.  So, one last question. I noticed your tattoo on your back and it’s hot.  I have an affinity for tattoos, what does it mean?

Gloria: Oh, thanks, I mean obviously being with someone like Matt I think I’ve gotta appreciate the tattoos.  But it goes all the way down my spine.  And it says “Faith loves family, believe God is strength

I love the tattoos.  I have the scorpion, our twin boys are Scorpios, so I have them on my wrist, and a cross on my foot.  I would definitely get me — we’re gonna try for a little girl at some point — so there’ll probably be another tattoo then.  And I have a knot behind my ear.  So I like tattoos, I really do.  I’m attracted to them.

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