Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan & His Wife Michelle Have A Foot Fetish?

This is a little creepy to me. I may be resigning as President of the “I Heart Rex Ryan” fan club if this proves to be true. The internet is a WILD place with lots of resourceful people. Apparently one of those “people” stumbled on a foot fetish video staring a woman that bears a striking resemblance to Rex’s wife Michelle.

Not only does said female resemble Michelle, she also is born in the same month and year as Michelle according to the now defunct YouTube profile. Adding to all of that, in one of the featured videos, the “camera man” has a voice that is remarkably similar to Rex.

::shrug:: You be the judge.

Yeaaaahhhhhhh. This SO isn’t my “Thing”. To each their own but, not the kid! And I have pretty feet!