Nick Lachey ejected from Charges vs. Bengals after altercation with Chargers fan [video]

Sunday I attended my first Chargers game at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego. I went to check out the NFL style lounge, meet up with the members of WISE and contemplate adopting the Chargers as my official team– no I still don’t have one. The Rams and Niners are still in contention, I gave up on the Jets and the rest is just whatever catches my eye. I’m honest about it. Little did I know I was in the same stadium where a brawl… ok, maybe scuffle- would break out with a rabid fan and a former boy band member.

Nick Lachey formally of 98 Degrees – and Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband – got into it with a fan on Sunday that was wearing the jersey of a former Chargers player. Things got heated and Lachey reportedly hurled profanities at the fan’s wife, calling her a fu*king b*tch and allegedly choked the fan.

Lachey and his buddies — all die-hard Bengals fans — had been talking trash to him about the jersey for most of the 2nd half of the game.

The Chargers fan says Lachey made one particularly offensive comment about Olshansky that crossed the line … and that’s when the fan’s wife shot back to Nick, “Well, he lasted longer than your boy band.”

We’re told Lachey flipped out and called the wife a “f**king b*tch” … along with “a host of other profanities.”

Tensions exploded … and the Chargers fan says Nick lunged towards him … grabbed him by the throat and shoved him to the ground.

Nick then reportedly took it one step further and bragged about being kicked out of the game on Twitter. He also acknowledged the altercation claiming that he doesn’t appreciate a hand to the face.
Nick’s agent has denied the fan’s accusations beyond trash talk between two opposing team’s fans.
“This was a verbal exchange between sports fans of opposing teams that went too far. While Nick isn’t proud of what happened, he did not choke anyone or use defamatory language to any women at the stadium — which the video tape clearly supports.”


You can check the video below.