NFL Player Kassim Osgood Is Lucky To Be Alive


I’ve had a few laughs about certain aspects of  Jacksonville Jaguar player Kassim Osgood’s ordeal from Monday night. But reading the actual report is terrifying. The entire ordeal lasted 40 minutes.

Julian Armond Barleto (that’s Mackenzie’s ex) sounds completely INSANE. Here are a few quotes from the report:

Bartletto 1st pistol-whipped Osgood and Putnal, then held them at gunpoint and told her, “Suck my d**k and suck his d**k.”

He told them he was going to have to kill them to get out safe.

Bartletto also pointed the gun at Kassim and yelled tell me you fu**ed her.

He also told Mackinzie he loved her but shot at her, she returned fire in self defense.

If you’re reading this post completely clueless or want to know all the gritty details, go HERE