Next up for Evelyn Lozada, fitness guru


In my post on the “Anatomy of a reality TV star,” I mentioned that what was key about your 15 minutes of fame is turning it into a money making venture. Evelyn Lozada knows the writing is on the wall for that aspect of her career so she always finds an angle to keep extending her brand and ensuring that she’ll be more than just an ex-NBA fiancee/former NFL wife. Next up for Ev, a fitness world take over.


Remember a few weeks ago, I highlighted her recent photo shoot and hinted that tackling the fitness world would be next for her. (See, that’s why you should always be paying attention to me but I digress)  Evelyn has signed a six-figure deal with an organic and caffeine free energy shot called youthH2O. The plan is to take this fitness thing full fledged.

I think that’s a great move for her.

photos via Evelyn Lozada