How much did your favorite NBA player or owner contibute to President Obama & Gov. Romney’s Campaigns?

Tuesday November 6th is election day. This campaign season has been one that involved many athletes coming out in public support of their party especially in the NBA. If you were curious as to how owners and athletes threw their financial support based on party lines, check out this chart put together by Hoops Hype. Not surprisingly, most of the owners were pro Romney. David Stern, he’s an Obama supporter.Check the rest.


We’ve seen Sixers Spencer Hawes throw his support behind Romney via social networking. The fund raising event that took place with Michael Jordan and of course the pick up game event.  President Obama has embraced the NBA – and the hip-hop culture it’s tied to

in the White House like never before. And they in turn are eager to show their support to him. President Obama has compared himself to the Miami Heat and Governor Mitt Romney to Jeremy Lin. And given football advice to Eagles QB, Michael Vick.

The significant others are in on it too. Dwyane Wade’s girlfriend Gabrielle Union hit the trail last week speaking to college students as did Carmelo Anthony’s wife Lala.


No matter who you cast your vote for tomorrow, the important thing is that you exercise your right to vote.