NBA says Lil Wayne hasn’t been banned


I think Lil Wayne just says things at times because it sounds good and controversy causes tongues to wag. Sunday night in Houston, Young Tunchi was on stage at Stereo Live. Wayne went off on a tangent stating he’d been banned from all NBA events and it was the Miami Heat’s fault and threw in that he had sex with Chris bosh’s wife.

The NBA is responding yet again saying that Wayne is misinformed. The senior Director of Basketball Communications at the NBA, Mark Broussard has said there is absolutely no truth to that.

Meanwhile, Adrienne Bosh has taken the “smile and wave ” approach to the theatrics posting and ReTweeting positive messages on Twitter basically saying she flies above the haters that are trying to bring her down.

So what’s really going on? Why is Lil Wayne so angry with the NBA and the Heat? I do wonder if all of this stems from something Wayne said few years back where he mentioned paying all that money for courtside Heat seats and none of the Big 3 acknowledging him on the sideline.

Welp, I’m sure Wayne is good, as long as his “B***hes love him.”

You can listen to his rant about the Heat, the NBA and Adrienne Bosh HERE