Mrs. Wade tells Gabrielle Union to bring it on

Dwyane Wade and his soon to be ex wife Siovaughn continue to drop legal blows on one another.

If 2009/ early 2010 was “Revenge of the Jump Off”, Shaunie & now Siovaughn are stepping it up for the wives.

An additional lawsuit has been filed by Siovaughn Wade coming on the heels of Dwyane’s bid for sole custody, Siovaughn is suing a Chicago attorney Allegeding he hasn’t acted in her 2 sons best interest during the divorce. Even bigger than that is that she is also suing actress Gabrielle Union on their behalf for $50,000.

I’m sorry, I know that Siovaughn is obviously hurt at the demise of her marriage. I’m not certain of the details surrounding the beginning of Dwyane & Gabrielle’s relationship but the bottom line is, her HUSBAND is the one she should be focusing on. Dwyane took those vows, not Gabrielle.

He owed it to her and her children to honor them. I’m not advocating “side piece” situations. But I’m a realest. Things happen, people grow apart. The person who stood next to me and took vows before God, our family & friends etc is the one I’m going to look to for protection of my heart, to respect ME & my emotions… Our family.

I hope it’s all worth it for all parties.

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