Faithful NBA Player??… teammates bet on his fidelity

“How he stay faithful in a room full of H**S” – Kayne West

I’ve always loved this line from Ye’s Can’t tell me nothin. It perfectly illustrates the catch 22 for most athletes. However in my version of the story, the oversexed-easy access-loose morals having individuals are the athletes themselves. Case in point, the following quotes in an article about former NBA player, current Minister Wayne Simien’s time with the Miami Heat:

“I remember walking in (to the Heat). They were like ‘This dude’s a Christian. Give him two weeks until he’s on South Beach in a strip club with me, give him such and such amount of time until he meets Suzie in LA and does yada yada yada.’ They were taking bets on me, basically, cash-money bets right in front of me as far as how long it would take for me to have a hiccup or whatever.”

Wait, not only are these dudes placing bets on each others sex lives, they’re issuing out referrals based on cities??? And you wonder why the females on Basketball Wives are bitter!

“Wayne met his wife, Katie, in Miami. They began dating New Year’s Eve on 2005. became engaged in February and were married in July. In another statement about the way he was choosing to live, Wayne did not kiss Katie until their wedding day.”

I find this approach sweet and RARE!! But I need to kiss you BEFORE we get married! LOL I appreciate the thought of it though.

“I wasn’t a virgin when I got married,” Simien says, “so it was just another way of wanting to honor my wife, wanting to share that with not only her but also everybody that was at our wedding ceremony.”

Some of his Heat teammates from the 2006 championship team were blown away he hadn’t even kissed his wife until the wedding. “They were asking me why I would do that,  Really being able to speak to those guys, to be able to touch an area in their lives that they really hadn’t considered before, I think there was a lot of respect gained from that.”

He took the time to stand up for his beliefs and also teach something to his teammates.  While rare, it also illustrates it’s not impossible to find a good one. Shout outs to Gloria Govan I hope it works for her!

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