Mr. & Mrs. Carmelo Anthony

Lala & Carmelo outside Cipriani in New York

The Nuptials took place Saturday, July 10th with a star studded Guest List. The bride wore Vera Wang and the couple was married in a candle lit red wonderland! LOVE IT!

In a few short months anyone whose interested will be able to watch the ceremony on the VH1 finale of their show. In the meantime, Photos of their guests and the bride & groom

Serena… interesting color selection for a summer wedding, I suppose it works because it was an evening wedding. Very pretty though

Black Trina??? OK :shrug: She looks lovely

Guess Spike is still working on that Carmelo to the Knicks thing

Oh Ciara… at least she wore summer colors.

Amar’e is really rolling with this Captain thing huh? Salior hats, saluting… If he likes it

Lebron James, girlfriend Savannah & Chris Paul… ummm no DWade, I thought they were all tight

Kim Khardashian (minus the new boo) Looks INCREDIBLE… predictable but stunning all the same

Lala & her RING arriving before the wedding