Free Agency Update: A.L.

In the day a.fter L.ebron’s “Decision” , the free agent market is still making moves as the rest of the NBA makes adjustments to the super friends in South Beach…'s current landing page

  • Yesterday the Miami Heat held a last minute “rally” to officially welcome the super friends to the Heat. NBATv covered it and ESPN showed the press conference after. A few interesting things to note. Riley is working hard to being back Heat free agent Udonis Haslem. Both Bosh & James were signed via sign and trade with their former teams, none of the 3 took “max” deals which leaves money on the table to add the likes of Haslem & Mike Miller. Of the 3 DWade actually took the least. I’d be willing to bet that no state income tax thing in Florida and the assurance that Endorsement dollars have probably already started pouring in helped ease the sting… You still have to give them credit! 

Bosh's number selection assures at least 1 Heat free agent probably not in the future plans

“Lebron didn’t leave home & Chris didn’t leave Toronto for us not to win”– Dwyane Wade on if next season is a failure if they don’t win a title.

“We plan on winning 6 or 7 championships” – Lebron James

  • Derek Fisher (oh the agony at the thought) is currently in Miami meeting with Pat Riley and is considering signing with the Heat. Lebron met him at the airport togive Fish a personal pitch! 🙁 Interestingly enough, Kobe was interviewed earlier this week and expressed how Derek coming back was CRUCIAL and he believed it would happen. I think DFish is posturing for more money. PAY THE MAN. Also rumored to be on the radar for the Heat… Juwan Howard
  • The Charlotte Bobcats and Tyrus Thomas have agreed to a contract of 5 years $40 Million
  • The Bulls have signed Kyle Kover to a 3 year $15 million dollar deal, they have also signed an offer sheet with Magic free agent JJ Redick for 3 years $20 million. These signings come on the heels of the Carlos Boozer signing. The Magic have 3 days to match. The Bulls are quietly building a nice little squad!
  • The Clippers big splash this off season so far… Ryan Gomes & Brian Cook. ::pom poms DOWN:: Yeahhhh there’s still a lot of off season and more $$ to spend. Please let us get better!
  • Raymond Felton has hopped aboard the Knicks party train (I’m trying to be optimistic for them…) Meanwhile their crosstown rivals the Nets have given Travis Outlaw a 5 year $35 million dollar contract. I wonder how Jay Z feels about the super friends?? “If Jeezy’s paying Lebron I’m paying Dwyane Wade”
  • Can anyone explain to me why Golden State keeps signing mediocre players to Major contracts? Case in point, David Lee $80 million in a sing and trade with The Knicks… REALLY?? Hurry and find a buyer for the team, management over there is SILLY