Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) Guest Stars On BET’s “Reed Between The Lines”

In case you missed this, Tuesday night, Metta World Peace (Ron Artest)  guest stared on BET’s new sitcom, Reed Between the Lines. Here’s the basic synopsis of his guest spot.

Metta’s character is the star of the “New York Lights” basketball team, who’s struggling to get his anger issues under control. He comes to Dr. Carla Reed (Tracee Ross-Ellis) for anger management, hoping that Dr. Reed’s lofty approach to psychology can ease his troubled mind.

Right, can you believe it. Metta playing a basketball player that has “issues.”

Dr. Reed tries to make him understand that his anger is unnecessary, but all of her good work goes to waste when he misunderstands her diagnosis.

It was exactly as you’d picture it to be… Having said that, it’s a cute show with a positive family message. Make sure you support it. For more info on it, check out