Carmelo Anthony Increases The Green In Harlem

Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony  wants to increase the green in Harlem. Melo helped plant the city’s 500,000th tree Tuesday, which marked the halfway point in a campaign to plant 1 million trees in the city by 2017.

“When I was growing up in Brooklyn there wasn’t no trees, there wasn’t no grass where I was at. I always wanted to see some greenery, so now is the chance to donate some trees,” said Anthony, a donor to the public-private MillionTrees NYC partnership, launched by Bloomberg in conjunction with the New York Restoration Project in 2007.

Pride in one’s neighborhood can be a stimulant for all sorts of positive activity. I wonder if Melo is involved in any Green causes. It would be hot to see an athlete take the lead in other areas too.


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