Mavericks Guard DeShawn Stevenson Is A Tattoo Artist Too [Photos]

I always think it’s a good idea for professional athletes to start considering transition career moves BEFORE they’re forced out of the game. Dallas Mavericks player DeShawn Stevenson has decided to turn his love of ink into a second career option.

Stevenson, clearly a member of the “ink my whole body” crew recently gave his first tatt as an artist. Check out the scoop

The honchos at Fallen Sparrow Tattoo Co. tell us … Stevenson rolled in with friends Monday … but instead of being the canvas, the NBA star thought it would be a good idea to take the needle and do some designing on someone else.

We’re told DeShawn’s favorite tat artist, Chad, volunteered for the mark — so Stevenson grabbed the needle and inked the guy’s leg with his jersey number, 92.

Ok sooooo maybe there’s an obvious answer to this question but WHY are you putting your jersey number on another man? Am I alone in thinking that’s a bit odd?