Love: Steph & Ayesha Curry Welcome Baby #2, Floyd’s Girls Beef And More


Let’s talk about sports and love.  Not the passion that it creates for fans and players alike. We’re talking about the new beginnings, complicated situations, and the bitter end for those involved in relationships with professional athletes.

Take a look at some of the “love” stories that have popped up over the week:

Some endings turned nasty on social media. Cowboys star Orlando Scandrick and his ex-fianceé, reality star Draya Michele continued their social media beef. Draya posted a message on Instagram about people being corny, she encouraged her followers to use to use the bikini emoji to show their support for her. They took it a step further by flooding Scandrick’s Instagram account with bikini and corn emojis.

Baby Love:

NBA MVP and finals champion Stephen Curry and his wife Ayesha welcomed baby number two on Friday, July 10th. Riley is now big sister to Ryan Carson Curry. Ayesha posted a message about Ryan’s birth on her website, LittleLightsofMine

She arrived a little early through a quick 3 hour labor and was a small 6lbs 1 oz. I was able to birth her naturally without an epidural. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and was so happy to get through it with the help of my darling husband and amazing doctor. This time around I felt more prepared and was able to take in the entire process. It was a miracle!

Steph posted that his wife is a CHAMP on his Twitter account following the birth.


Complicated love:


Floyd Mayweather jr. once said women are like cars and you should have as many as you can afford the maintenance on. Sounds good in theory, but unlike women, cars don’t get jealous about you driving one more than the other. Last week two of Floyd’s girlfriends, Doralie Medina and Liza Hernandez threw shots at one another on Instagram:


Floyd later appeared to apologize for the two acting out on social media.

Sure I enjoy the company of my friends. I enjoy the unprecedented lifestyle my hard work has afforded me. I enjoy spending my free time traveling the world and having fun with my children- These are the things that mean most to me and I have become accustomed to blocking out negativity and refocusing my energy on those deserving of it…And more importantly, the people who bring me true happiness. With that said, I apologize for subjecting my fans and followers to the nonsense and childish behavior of some people close to me. At this level, I understand the acts of the company I keep is often a reflection of me and I take responsibility to make sure those type of antics are not tolerated or rewarded. Throwing stones is a sign of weakness- I choose to be strong. To My fans, your loyalty and support has given me the best 20 years I could ask for and while at the top, I plan to go out on top….see you back in the ring September 12th!



I don’t think this qualifies as love, but it started from the opposite end, “hate.” A few years back, rapper and boxing promoter 50 Cent leaked a sex tape that featured his rival, Rick Ross’ baby’s mama.

Lastonia Leviston sued for “severe emotional distress” after 50 narrated the video calling her a “slut” and “motherf*king porn star.” A jury agreed with her and awarded her $5 million.

On Monday, July 13th, it was announced that “fiddy” has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Secret Love:


Sometimes in the early days of a relationship or “situation,” we aren’t ready to share it with the world. That appeared to be what happened when NBA free agent Austin Daye was spotted leaving Mastro’s in Beverly Hills with Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood‘s Nikki Murdis. Nikki recently had a very public break-up with her boyfriend, Mally Mal, and reportedly broke $30,000 worth of China at his house.

But Austin is probably aware of any of Nikki’s broken heart antics, the two dated back in the day.



Then there’s that love that makes you step up and become a better man. Belated congratulations to Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman and Ashley Moss on their engagement.


His teammate, Earl Thomas proposed to his girlfriend Nina a few weeks ago also.