Letoya Luckett On 2nd Chances, Exes (Slim Thug) & “Raising Kanan”

We work out at a gym here in Houston, and I see him often. He didn’t know I lived in LA, moved to Dallas, got married, and the whole thing, so we weren’t having run-ins at all. But we started having a lot of run-ins when when when we would go and work out. We found ourselves doing a lot of walking and talking while working out, and I’m like, you know what, I think a lot of people need to see that you can have an ex and still have some type of friendship.

And actually, in the conversations that we were having during these walking talks, you could tell that we both had grown so much. It was probably the best time to have the conversations because the emotions weren’t there. The anger wasn’t there. So much time had passed. I decided that people need to see this. Because I think there’s something to say about loving someone deeply, genuinely. And then, because something doesn’t work out the way you might have wanted it to, then we erase that person, you know, from existence, and they can no longer be a part of our experience. And sometimes, we have to do that to move on. But I feel like time heals. And I feel like, you know, if the genuine love and the friendship, like with us, is still there, then, yes, you can build a different type of friendship with this person, it doesn’t have to turn into a love sex relationship with them again. But it can be the thing that you saw with that person, as far as that friendship that you saw with that person before maybe turning it into a love relationship. You can have that back, just on different terms.

On partnering with the KUSHAE brand:

I was actually looking for a product. Because you know, after you have a kid, things change with your body, your pH low, all the all the balances are unbalanced. And so I was looking for a natural product because you don’t find even if you go to some of the stores who say they sell organic product isn’t all natural that you know, you never know what’s really in it. So on my quest to find a product that I knew, you know, wouldn’t irritate. That was real, all natural. I met two of the creators, the two ladies that created KUSHAE. And first of all, knowing that one of them is obg and I was fresh off of having a baby. I was like, Oh, she’s gonna know exactly what I need. And so I was, you know, I was I don’t want to say, killing two birds with one stone. But I was, you know, I was getting the product that I felt I’d been looking for. But also now I could influence others to you know, use a product that would be good for them. And that was all natural. And they wouldn’t have to worry about you know, it’s unscented, it’s all these different things that I was looking for. And I know that there are other women and men that are looking for, you know, similar products.