Letoya Luckett On 2nd Chances, Exes (Slim Thug) & “Raising Kanan”

LeToya Luckett is a two-time Grammy award winner, actress, and mom. She recently spoke with Jill Munroe about this new phase of her life, which started with the launch of a new web series, “Leave It To LeToya,” reconnecting with ex-boyfriend, rapper Slim Thug to discuss what went wrong in the relationship. We also discussed how motherhood has changed her plus, her partnership with the Black-owned feminine wellness brand KUSHAE, and her upcoming role in season two of the hit Starz series “Power Book III: Raising Kanan.”

Luckett joined the season two cast of “Raising Kanan” as Jukebox’s (Hailey Kilgore) mother, Kenya.  Luckett shared that she was nervous about sharing the screen with so many quality actors; she also was concerned about her Houston accent being converted to a native New Yorker’s.

“I watched the show as a fan. I would get anxious watching it. Once I knew I would be a part of it and see where I would fit into the story, I would get anxiety. Because I’m like, yo, these are some amazing actors. This story is crazy. I’m about to be a part of this. Can I do this? It was so different than other things I’ve done. it’s a period piece as well. And it’s shot in New York; I’m a Texan. Where is the accent gonna go?”

Luckett said she put a lot into the role. She explained,  “it was one that definitely tugged on my heartstrings. It stretched me as an actress, and I appreciate the experience. Especially the timing in which that role presented itself to me. It was nothing but God’s timing. And I needed something. I needed a role like this.

Luckett says she is excited for everyone to see it. She hasn’t seen any of the episodes yet, either. So it will mostly be brand new to her. She has been receiving some feedback from those who have watched. “Everybody said, Oh, you got to see yourself. It is crazy. I’m so proud of you. I’m like, really?

In episode one of her web series “Leave It to LeToya,” she has an open conversation with her ex-boyfriend, rapper Slim Thug. I asked Luckett about Slim and that relationship, specifically what made her want to feature it on her show.