LeBron to the Clippers makes sense

There are about 9 million angles of LeBron I could discuss right now. And at some point I might delve into each area of his career and future I find interesting.

But today, my focus is on why it makes a lot of talent and business sense for LeBron to become the Leader of Clipper Nation

  • They have the cap space to not only sign LeBron but bring in another near max player if necessary.
  • Even without that, the Clippers have a decent talent pool. Center Chris Kaman, Eric Gordan as shooting Guard, Blake Griffin at the 4. Baron Davis running point.
  • The ability to have input into his next coach & GM
  • Hollywood; LeBron was scheduled to begin shooting his 1st film this summer. Starring no Co Star Dwade, Dwight Howard. (what?? It’s TRUE ::giggles:)
  • Fans that want you, A parade has been planned for May 27th at Staples. Take that WeWantWade
  • A chance to go head to head with Kobe 4 times a year
  • And the real winner, AEG as partial owners of the Lakers and owners of Staples and LA Live, 82 sold out games a year would be GREAT!

Of course Sterling still owns the Clippers but you at least have to consider it right?

Now that I think about it, The Nets have some similar qualities plus Jay Z!  Yeah after the 2nd year in a row with the league’s top record and not making it to the finals, you have to consider everything!