Basketball Wives: Episode 6 recap

She finally appears...

We start every recap with this Mantra… “Shaunie wins Again”. This episode was all over the place but the entertainment value was HIGH!

I’m really trying to figure out if the Govan sisters had a bigger agenda in being involved with this show. I simply can’t fathom that they thought they could appear under the “circumstances” and come out on top.

From episode 1 there have been references to Gloria’s sister Laura (fiance’ of Washington Wizard Gilbert Arenas) and her ALLEGED involvement with Shaq. Who knew she’d actually make an appearance on the show and kind of discuss the Shaq thing…

*I mean there has to be a bigger idea behind this right?? NO? Some things aren’t meant for people on the outside to understand… I suppose.

I understand where Gloria is coming from however, isn’t Laura in a similar situation with her fiance’ as some of the thoughts Evelyn & Jen have shared?  Just a thought..

Jennifer has a charity event for Hati… Yeah it was rather uneventful and thrown in. I guess the underlying theme of this episode was “look we have substance too”

The highlights:
Jennifer’s dress

Jen’s ensembles were ON POINT the entire episode!

If you happen to know who makes the frames she’s rocking here, feel free to to pass that info

(sorry fashion is always on my mind)

And Evelyn showing up with a 22 year old and ending the night TWISTED!!

He was cute but can he talk? I don’t think he was actually allowed to speak for himself.

Guess guys can be there strictly as eye candy too!

*I see you Eric. Still wanna dry snitch and whisper to Evelyn that you were telling Toine. ::pom poms down:: Can she LIVE??

Speaking of, please check out an interesting moment between Evelyn & Dwight Howard in Jill A Vision

The other “substance moment”; Royce suggested the ladies volunteer at a shelter to feed the homeless. I’m all for service but is it appropriate to wear Louis Vuitton & discuss how hard your life was while dating a professional athlete?

Maybe I’m too serious. It was all in fun right?

Yeah we’re still on the “we aren’t sure about Royce” plot.

UGH no more of this please. It’s BORING

Next week, the mystery of the stalking text messages is solved!!

I guess a drink to the face is the updated version of the previous reality show go to move, spitting… sigh

For more details on whose taking the beverage to the face, check HERE