LeBron James allegedly has a child with reporter Sharon Reed, not the 1st time she’s been linked to attached NBA player

There is a rumor swirling the internet that LeBron James has a “secret love child” with Sharon Reed, a former television news reporter for WOIO in Cleveland. The rumor was first spotted on a popular message board, Lipstick Alley, it was then picked up by another website, Tattletailz and spread from there. First, I’ll give you the alleged deets of the relationship and then provide a bit of backstory.

Word is WOIO fired Reed just after she went on maternity leave in early December. Apparently, she was terminated because she violated the morals clause in her contract.

According to sources close to Reed, it was an open secret at work that she has been seeing LeBron for years — while he was with Savannah. When things started getting out of hand, the Cavaliers brass reportedly met with WOIO management to request that Reed not cover the Cavs home games.

Random, Reed bears a striking resemblance to Savannah. For her part, Reed’s attorney has begun issuing cease and desist letters to websites. including the “Cleveland Plain Dealer.”

Dear Editors,

I am Sharon Reed’s attorney. Your company has published on its website outrageous irresponsible falsehoods regarding Sharon Reed.

You are on notice your statements regarding Ms. Reed’s relationships are absolutely false, libelous and extremely damaging.

You are ordered to immediately cease and desist from publishing these statements in any electronic or printed format. You must immediately remove these articles from your website and issue a retraction and full public apology to Ms. Reed for your libelous conduct.

I am appalled that you would publish such lies without ever contacting Ms. Reed or her representatives. Ms. Reed is a top-rated award-winning journalist. Your conduct falls below the lowest standard of professionalism.

Please have your lawyer contact me immediately to discuss remedying the damage you have done to Ms. Reed and her family. I can be reached on my cell phone at 216-346-7376.


Mark Griffin

Mark Griffin

Tel: 216.621.3500 | Fax: 216.621.3422

[email protected]


Thorman Hardin-Levine Co., LPA

3100 Terminal Tower

50 Public Square

Cleveland, OH 44113

I also attempted to reach out to Ms. Reed to no avail.

This isn’t the first time Reed has been linked to an NBA player. Back in 2002, Reed worked at NBC 10 in Philly. Then, she was linked to former Sixers player Aaron McKie. A situation supposedly went down that involved the two and/or McKie’s common law wife. Then there’s this;  Reed and another reporter at the station, Alicia Tyler had an e-mail exchange that went public and earned Reed a trip out of Philly. One of the most famous lines in the exchange:

““I can’t wait to come to Philly and put my foot up your skank ass,” “[Y]ou ever had a real street fight bitch,” read another. And “If i see you I am kicking your fat ass no questions asked,” ?”

Reed was also linked to, then Eagles QB Donovan McNab and actor Robert De Niro. I generally believe where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Not saying that ANY of this means that King James IS the child’s father or that the events that lead to her departure from the Cleveland station are factual – obviously her lawyer is vehemently denying all of it. But, something is amiss. You be the judge. Reed currently lives in Miami.

One of the hardest things about being a woman in sports is cleaning up your name once a little dirt is slung on it. Scary thing is, it doesn’t take much for people to want to question and discredit you. Especially if you’re considered “attractive.”