Laura Govan On Why She’ll Never Speak To Shaunie O’Neal & Gloria Govan’s Bikini Photo Shoot [Video]

Basketball Wives LA stars Laura Govan and her sister Gloria have been busy getting glammed up for various photo shoots. Laura is featured in the newest issue of J’Adore magazine. In her interview she covers why she’ll never speak to Shaunie O’Neal and discusses her love for Gilbert Arenas.

On Shaunie O’Neal:
“I don’t have a relationship with Shaunie and I never will. The information she was given about Shaq and I was false, and she took it and ran with it. I didn’t appreciate it at all and for that reason I will never speak to her again. I don’t have beef with her. If we see each other, I won’t chin check her, but that’s why I chose to do Basketball Wives LA. I wanted people to see exactly who I am opposed to what you heard on Season One: Miami. I mean, there were five grown women talking about me and they had no idea who I was. That was unfair, but it goes to show you where their mentality was.”

Seriously, are we STILL talking about this. Who really even cares about that at this point?

On Gilbert Arenas:

“We love each other. Yes, we have our ups and downs, but we have four kids together and like I tell most people, we are doing better than most married couples. I knew the person before I knew the athlete. Whether he still plays ball or not, I’m still going to be married to the person that I fell in love with. We’re not announcing the date yet. When we do, it will be small and intimate. We actually got engaged three years ago. That ring that everyone saw is three years old. If anything, he needs to upgrade that ring. We’ve been together for 10 years.”

I don’t know if it’s time for an upgrade, 4 kids and no current employer. Might just want to wait that out a bit.

Basketball Wives Miami star Jennifer Williams graces the cover.

Meanwhile, sister Gloria had a bikini shoot for Dimez magazine


and there you have it.