Baron Davis Pitching Reality Based Sitcom On His Life

photo via Getty Images

While the Knicks are waiting for Baron Davis to get back on the court, his road to Hollywood is still taking shape. BD is shopping  a self-produced pilot entitled “I Love Boom.”

The show is a reality-based sitcom that Davis describes as ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Entourage,’ about the off-court life of an NBA player (Davis, playing himself). ‘It’s an offbeat look at a player’s typical day off, when he goes to doctor’s appointments and always says the wrong things,’ Davis offers.”

Curb and Entourage are two of MY FAVORITES! Back in the 90’s, HBO had a show about a sport’s agent titled Arli$$ that was GENIUS! That might be a good home for his project. I’d absolutely watch. Baron puts out quality work. Now if we can only get that quality back on the basketball court, maybe Knicks fans can renew their joy from last season.