Lamar Odom update: leaked text messages with mistress & a car accident days before his DUI arrest


Ready for your latest update in the Lamar Odom saga? We already know LO was arrested on a DUI early Friday morning and released on $15,000 bail. What we didn’t know was that a few days before this, LO had an accident in his white Mercedes where he rear ended a LA Times reporter.

The three-car accident happened on the same freeway LO was stopped and arrested for a DUI days later. Initially Lamar didn’t want to exchange license and insurance information with the person claiming the damage wasn’t “that bad.”

Lamar's car following accident

Lamar’s car following accident

Meanwhile, reports of a text message exchange between Lamar and one of his mistresses, Polina Polonsky. Polonsky is the a LA lawyer whom Lamar had a six-week affair with last June that ended abruptly when Khloe Kardashian allegedly busted into the hotel room where she and LO were hanging out in – and allegedly doing drugs in.


Lamar started texting Polina right in front of Khloe, telling Polina he had “f**ked up.”  Polina responded by saying, “You’re corny.”  Lamar — standing next to his furious wife — then fired his salvo, texting Polina, “Groupie junkie … crack head.” 
Lamar went on, “U might want to b careful.  Narcs know.  They have footage, audio n pics.”

Polina responded, “Stay in your lane.”  He fired back, “4real  Know where u work  U live  Ur parents.”

Sounds like Khloe still had a private detective on the case and Lamar knows how the Kardashian machine works.  If true, it makes sense why the lawyer came out to the media and took a lie detector test.
Lamar also met with NBA drug counselors- former NBA players Dirk Minniefield and Cliff Robinson who dealt with substance abuse during their playing days- Thursday, just hours before his DUI arrest.

Damn Lam Lam… I’m rooting for you to pull it together.