Does Floyd Mayweather have a new boo? [photos]

In addition to always keeping stacks of money close at hand, Floyd Mayweather also usually has luxury items and a beautiful woman on deck as well. Last month I told you Floyd and his fiancé, Shantel Jackson had parted ways. But much like Nino brown in “New Jack City,” Floyd just canceled that “chick” and bought a new one.

Meet the new potential first lady of The Money Team, “Queen Princess Love.” QPL was ringside for Floyd’s last fight, she’s been repping TMT and Floyd shouted out as one of the women who helped him out during training camp.


Remember Floyd said a man should be able to have as many women as he can maintain like cars.


And of course, Floyd has showered her with gifts including a diamond ring and necklace plus a Rolex watch, which she happily shared with her followers on Instagram.




Hmmm, Ms. Jackson did that too, then she saw those same items being placed on the IG for an alleged sale… Cold world when you’re traded in for a younger model and she picks up where you left off. Same hashtags and everything.

Curtsy to LBS