Lamar Odom said he couldn’t make Kanye’s proposal to Kim cause he had plans [video]


TMZ is a beast out in these LA streets. At any moment one of their guys will swoop up on you from behind a car or a building to get the scoop. Obviously right now, Lamar Odom interviews are a premium commodity. A cameraman named “Donte” caught Odom exiting Spitting Chicken Cantina in Sherman Oaks, CA, and wanted to get the scoop. Donte asked LO why he wasn’t at KimYe’s proposal – he had something to do – if Khloe was cool with that – he’s rocking his wedding ring and Khlo has been spotted wearing hers recently also – and what’s up with LO and the Lakers.

Lamar then decided it was time to turn the attention on to Donte and get to know a bit about him.


Something still seems a bit tricky with Lamar. Wishing both he and Khloe the best though.