Lamar Odom preparing to release statement admitting prescription drug addiction


Lamar Odom is expected to make an announcement about the recent allegations of drug addiction per RadarOnline.

NBA star Lamar Odom is expected to imminently release a statement and confirm he has an addiction to prescription drug medication — Oxycontin and Ambien.

Multiple sources familiar with the situation told Radar that Lamar, 33, has had a drug problem for the past two years and even went to rehab last August under pressure from the Kardashian clan.

Lamar is expected to release a statement admitting his addiction to the prescription meds.

The two year timeline that has been referenced makes sense. In the summer of 2011 following LO winning the NBA’s “Sixth man of the year” award, several events happened that seemed to trigger a strong emotional response in the former Lakers star.

His cousin was murdered in New York and then a short time after, the car Lamar was traveling in to his cousin’s funeral struck someone and killed them.

All of this was taking place during the NBA lockout so, there was no drug testing taking place. Once the NBA contract dispute was resolved, Lamar was traded from the Lakers – first the botched trade to the New Orleans Hornets and eventually to the Dallas Mavericks.  Lamar admitted that he thought about taking time away from basketball while this was taking place. The trade from the Lakers hit him extremely hard.

Per TMZ there was evidence of Lamar’s drug use during his short time with the Mavericks. Shortly before the Mavs waived Lamar in March of 2012, a Memphis hotel room occupied by Odom during a road trip had damage and a “white powder substance:”

 there was major carpet damage in Odom’s room at The Westin in Memphis, including quarter-sized burn marks, and the carpet had to be replaced. Hotel employees found white powder on the desk and reportedly say the room reeked of noxious smoke.

Odom reportedly was smoking OxyContin and cocaine while with the Mavericks. None of his teammates knew about the drug use, though it was evident Odom was having problems.

Once the Mavs waived LO in March, he was technically out of the NBA and therefore wouldn’t have been tested until he joined the Clippers last fall as a free agent. This again line’s up with the allegations that Lamar was in rehab last August. The rumors stated that Lamar – with the assistance of his wife, Khloe – managed to stay sober for the 2012-2013 NBA season. LO started rounding into playing shape as the season played out.

It was said LO picked his habit back up in June, well after the Clippers season had ended and out of the NBA’s testing time frame – the NBA is allowed to test players in the off season but only for PED’s.

Khloe Kardashian staged an intervention last week and gave LO an ultimatum. Sending love and light to Lamar and his family. I hope he gets the help that he needs.