Lala says she’ll chop off Carmelo Anthony’s “naughty bits” if he cheats


In the world of online media, there are some sites that have a reputation for embellishing the truth. At the top of that list is MediaTakeOut. In a recent interview, Lala Anthony had the chance to ask owner, Fred Mwangaguhunga if he had ever heard any rumors about Lala’s Knicks superstar husband, Carmelo Anthony.

Fred doesn’t know much more than that about where the rumor came from. Which is okay, because it turns out La La has a second, more important question that Fred does know the answer to. She doesn’t really care about Honey Nut Cheerios. The cereal was a pretext. What she really wants to know is: Has Fred heard about anything involving Melo and women who are not named La La Anthony? Tabloid stories have a way of begetting more tabloid stories. Groupies, girls, that kind of thing—just look at Tiger Woods, whose one VIP hostess quickly turned into a dozen after news of his infidelities went public. Once she’s on the front page of the Daily Newsnext to a stranger’s quote about her vagina, La La says, “that’s when people feel like, ‘That’s my chance to start something up or to make something up.’ “ Fred nods sympathetically. On this subject, he says, he can help: “No bullsh*t came out.” “Good,” La La says, as somewhere far away from here a chill shoots down the spine of the NBA’s reigning scoring champion. “Because I’ll cut a motherf*cker’s dick off, okay? And that’ll be the next story.”

Well there you have it Melo, if you get caught with your hand- or any other extremity- in the cookie jar, Lala has no issue with dismembering you.


I do find Fred’s response interesting, “no bullsh*t” came out can also mean, nothing I could prove. However, we are talking about MTO where “truth” can at times be subjective.