Lamar Odom Makes It Rain In D.C. Strip Club?

I’m up in Stadium, and D.C. still tippin’ man – Drake

Various reports have come out that while the Dallas Mavericks were in DC on January 8th (you know meeting President Obama in honor of their championship) Lamar Odom and teammates hit up  local “gentlemen’s club” Stadium.

Stadium Club, in the Langdon Park neighborhood of D.C., offers all-nude lap dances from $40 to as much as $300, including some in private rooms with beds

Lam Lam was spotted dropping racks on a few of the dancers. For some reason, people are suggesting this means there’s a problem with his marriage. I’m confused as to why. The strip club culture is a apart of the sports subculture. It’s almost like a club except the girls are naked… Wait.

Anyway, teammates go there to bond, drink and tip strippers. That doesn’t mean that they’re bringing the entertainment back home with them. Plus, Khloe Kardash has fans EVERYWHERE. They made sure to keep an eye on him and report back to Khloe via Twitter.

@Dai_laSoul wrote, “Lamar Odom at stadium n dc ACTING BAD @KhloeKardashian.”

Not to worry though, Khloe had a response for everyone that lets you know where she stands

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