Kris Humphries To Appear On Season 6 Of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

Big shocker here. Looks like Kris Humphries will be joining the Kardashian clan for the sixth season of their hit E! show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”

Kris’ girlfriend Kim (yeah I think we know her a little better than him right?) recently had this to say about Kris appearing on the show:

[Kris] “is in my life, so he will be on it a little bit. He won’t be the main focus of the show or anything, but the reality of my life is that he is in it, so yeah, he will be on the show.”

I wonder if Reggie has any advice for him? Kris’ stock has certainly risen from his involvement with Kim, maybe she can inspire him and the Nets to get into the playoffs next year! She just might be THAT good, remember Reggie Bush has a Superbowl ring but she was the one doing most of the talking in his postgame interview!And we ALL know how the Hollywood side of Lamar’s career took off after he and Khloe married after a month. And this season, yeah the Lakers were eliminated but Lamar was the most consistent Laker through the season and won Sixth man of the year…


Just something to think about. The new season starts June 12th!