How Much Would You Pay To Go To Dwyane Wade’s Fantasy Camp?

Michael Jordan stopped doing his in Las Vegas a few years ago. LeBron was was rumored to be starring in a comedy based around one to make his acting debut but was killed after “The Decision.”

“It” is a fantasy basketball camp for men 35 and up. For the mere cost of $12,500 men can live out their hoop dreams with Dwyane Wade and be coached by NBA legends like Kevin McHale, Charles Barkley and Dominique Wilkins

Held in Miami at the Fontainebleu hotel (they turn a ballroom into basketball courts) for 3 days in August, check out what $12,500 gets you:


Of course T-Mobile and Gatorade are attached as sponsors. Everybody wins! Can’t you just picture the hilarity that a film version of this would’ve been?