Kobe Bryant “The Interview” discusses Shaq, friends and winning [Video]


The end is very near for Kobe Bryant. I feel like people will appreciate Kobe’s legacy much more once he’s not a regular piece of the season. On Monday, NBA TV aired an hour-long interview with the Lakers superstar.

Kobe discussed various points in his career, the end, friendship and more. Of course the Shaq years of the Lakers dynasty came up. Kobe talked about the fact that he and Shaq were never friends. Both were alpha males who wouldn’t back down. So there was really no way they could’ve lasted long term.

He also talked the birth of the Black Mamba. You remember those years post Shaq but pre- Pau when Kobe was dominating the league?

If you missed the entire interview, where Kobe discussed why he’s hard to be friends with, what motivates him and check out below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: Kobe talks leadership being lonley. Plus covers the second Lakers title run without Shaq.

Part 5: This is where Kobe explains why he should have 7 titles. And that he’s still upset about losing that game in Boston.