Kevin Durant Explains Why He Broke Off Engagement With Monica Wright


Oklahoma City Thunder super star Kevin Durant has been going through a growth period the last few years. We are watching KD transition from kid to man. In a recent interview with GQ, KD discussed why he broke up with fianceé Monica Wright, how he really felt about all the “You the real MVP” memes, and being an a$$hole.

On breaking up with WNBA star Monica Wright:

“I had a fiancée, but…I really didn’t know how to, like, love her, you know what I’m saying? We just went our separate ways.” Monica Wright, WNBA player, something like a high school sweetheart. One night Kevin got so full of feelings he just up and proposed to her. “We was just hanging out, chilling. And I felt the energy. I felt, I need to do this right now. And I just did it. I was like…We’re engaged right now? We’re about to get married? So I was just like, cool! I love this girl. But I didn’t love her the right way.”

He felt connected and wanted to keep that feeling going, but had no idea how to sustain it. I applaud him for doing the right thing and ending it sooner than later. Monica attributed the break up to Kevin wanting to live a more worldly lifestyle. Seems as if it was more than just the pursuit of varied women.

Wizards point guard John Wall recently spoke about not wanting a girlfriend because he knows he’ll have fidelity issues. I appreciate the honesty, so do a lot of women.

But just like you and I, KD talks about going to sleep at night wondering if he’s ever going to find love:

“I go to sleep at night, like, ‘Am I gonna be alone forever?”

On Being an A**hole on the court:

“When I’m on the court, I’m a total asshole. I’m a dick. I don’t talk to the other team. If I fall on somebody, I throw them to the ground, I’m not helping them up. I just feel like it’s a war mode. Like, they’re trying to kill me, but I gotta kill them before they kill me.”

Sounds like KD is developing that edge. MJ had it, Kobe, DWade, Russell Westbrook. LeBron had to learn it from Dwyane hence him taking his talents to South Beach. It’s a key component in getting to the next level.


Last spring KD was awarded his first NBA MVP award. It was a touching moment, one laced with real emotion. KD thanked his teammates, but most importantly he thanked the contributions of his mother. With tears in his eyes, he told her she was “the real MVP.” That moment of course turned into a meme. KD isn’t too happy about it:

“I was like, man, that was a real emotional moment for me, and you making a joke about it! Damn. Y’all don’t really believe in shit. You don’t have no morals or nothing. You don’t care about nothing but just making fun…I was serious as hell saying that, you know what I’m saying?”

Do yourself a favor, check out the whole interview at GQ. Gives you a lot of insight into Kevin.