KMichelle posts JR Smith’s new girlfriend’s number on Twitter [photos]


Outspoken reality TV star KMichelle is not shy about letting you in on the comings and goings of her love life. Recently she explained how she discovered her ex-boo Lance Stephenson when he was “busting JR Smith’s a$$” during the playoffs, and then how he cheated on her. And of course we know the entire course of her relationship with JR Smith as that played out on Twitter.

JR has a new girlfriend, her name is Ashley-  she was featured on Style Network’s “Empire Girls” and was rapper Fabolous’s assistant.  Per KMichelle, Ashley reached out to her, so KMichelle thought the conversation was best addressed by posting Ashley’s phone number on Twitter and telling her fans to call the “THOT” – remember that means “that h* over there.”


Le sigh… I wonder if JR hit up KMichelle since she moved to New York for “Love & Hip-Hop” or vice versa. Either way, all parties seem to enjoy a bit of drama in their relationships. And let’s not forget the fact that both Tahiry – who JR dated for a bit – and KMichelle are on this season of LAHH together. I wonder if his name will come up.

Did you follow all of that?


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