Cowboys Orlando Scandrick put on blast for Instagram thirst [photos]


One of my rules for cheating athletes is to deal with someone who has something to lose. As a jock, if you’re cheating on your significant other, especially if she’s famous, some girls will try to expose the both of you if she feels like you aren’t sticking to her game plan. Cowboys Orlando Scandrick just learned that lesson.

Orlando is apparently fond of using Instagram to reach out to potential boos. Looks like a young lady named Ana decided to expose his thirst via Instagram and @ Draya so she would get all the details on the situation.


Did she really screenshot her cracked iPhone screen?? Also guys, leaving comments on that 36 week old Instagram photo with your number is sooooo weak. Plus, I guarantee people go back and scan those old comments. And if they weren’t before, they will now.


spotted at BSO