Keri Hilson Has a Message for Thirsty Serge Ibaka Groupies

photo via Instagram
photo via Instagram

photo via Instagram

Athletes and celebs all receive their fair share of groupies. You’d think the significant others would be used to people vying for the attention of their mate. Especially when both parties in the relationship are famous.

Perhaps you do get used to excess but every now and then, you have to let “the people” know you see them and their thirsty motives. That seems to be with the case with OKC Thunder big man Serge Ibaka’s girlfriend, Keri Hilson. Keri took to Twitter to let all the women sweating her man know that THEY see them and laugh at their parched behavior.


Keri later blamed the rant on PMS. Sounds as if one groupie in particular might have Keri a little peeved.


Serge is currently representing Spain along with Pau Gasol in the FIBA basketball world cup games.