Kareem Rush: NBA to R&B

Former Laker/Bobcat/Pacer/Clipper (I’m sure I’m missing another team) Kareem Rush has decided to become one of the many athletes to try music as a 2nd career option.

Unlike most of those other cats, Kareem isn’t rapping, he’s into smooth R&B type stuff (I think it’s the hair. COME ON he doesn’t remind you of every character Blair Underwood has ever played???)

Anyway, Kareem doesn’t want you to be fooled by the fact that he’s an athlete.  He’s picked up a bit of buzz at radio. With all the 5’2 (height) R&B dudes running around, I’m willing to give him a shot!

photo credit: Felicia Khong

To hear his song “Promises” and learn more about his musical pursuits go HERE

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