It’s OVER for AI- Allen Iverson’s wife files for divorce

Allen Iverson’s wife of 8.5 years has filed for divorce. The timing is curious as
AI just took a leave from the Sixers to be closer to home because one of their daughters is ill. All of this comes after his weekend club appearance in Charlotte during CIAA. Yeah, AI, it’s lonely when it’s over. Please don’t be THAT guy in the club… No Eddie King Jr Moments”
Last season and earlier this season, I discussed how I believed that AI had no exit strategy. But, the lights dim, skills diminish, and newer upgraded models are introduced. Everyone needs to start thinking about what’s “NEXT” while you’re hot to evolve after this season when AI was given SEVERAL chances to redeem himself and give the league a reason to believe in him again. It hurts because AI was my favorite player. He defined the fusion of the NBA & Hip Hop. I hate to see it end in this fashion.