How Did Your Favorite Athlete Spend Halloween?

This year Halloween fell on a weekend… Checkout how some of your favorite athletes spent all Hallow’s eve.

Clippers’ point guard Chris Paul and family

His teammate Lance Stephenson went as Diddy

The Rock as Popeye

Chris Bosh as Captain America

Eazy E was a popular costume this year. Lakers rookie D’Angelo Russell attended Lou Williams birthday bash last week as the NWA front man.

Nick went as “God’s Gift to women”

Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly dressed as his teammate, Cam Newton. Nailed it!

US Women’s soccer star Sydney Leroux and Dom Dwyer dressed as Serena Williams and Drake.

The Cavs

If you missed LeBron as Prince and his concert performance, go HERE. Even Prince himself put his performance on Instagram.

Kobe and Vanessa

Yankess’ CC Sabathia and his family recreated X-Men. Last month Sabathia announced he was going to rehab for alcoholism right as the playoffs were starting.