Former Atlanta Braves Star David Justice Tells Halle Berry It’s Her Not The Men

Way back in 1992, Atlanta Braves baseball player David Justice married actress Halle Berry. The pairing was considered perfect by many. Hot professional athlete marries “It Girl” actress.

But by 1996, the relationship had soured and the two were divorced the next year. Halle has recently filed for her third divorce from actor Olivier Martinez. Justice took the opportunity to attempt to clear up some old tea on Halle and to send a message to her, maybe it’s YOU…

During their divorce, rumors surfaced that Justice was an abusive cheater.

The “abuser” whose initials Justice gave for the “famous Ex” that was rumored to be responsible for Halle losing hearing in an ear was actor Wesley Snipes. Former R&B singer Christopher Williams was also rumored to have been abusive to Halle in their relationship, but has also said, “it wasn’t me.”

In a 1996 People magazine interview, Justice said he got something different than what he thought he signed up for.

“She wasn’t the same person I was with before we got married,” Justice stated. “She’d get mad when I watched ESPN. And every time she saw a picture of me with a woman, any woman who might have been standing by my side, she thought I was cheating. She carried a lot of baggage from her previous relationships. She was always suspicious. I’ve never known a girl who could throw a tantrum like she does.”


David naturally began deleting some of his tweets. But screenshots last forever.

David-Justice-Tweets -1

Halle’s other ex-husband Eric Benet jumped into the conversation too.

Those flashing lights get people caught up every time.