Hotel valet goes joyriding in Colts Reggie Wayne’s Bentley

One of the storylines in the 80’s classic comedy, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was about riding around in Ferris’s best friend cameron’s dad’s 1961 Ferrari GT250. At one point in the film, a valet driver steals the car to go joy riding.

I wonder if 21-year old hotel valet, Gunner Belcher had ever seen this movie. Belcher stole borrowed Colts Reggie Wayne’s white 2007 Bentley on Saturday night and went for a joyride. I’m guessing Gunner didn’t see the flick because if he had, he’d know that the car was returned safely. Gunner on the other hand ended up in jail after an officer spotted him around 2:00 AM rolling out in the Bentley, intoxicated.

Belcher claimed he was a cousin of Wayne’s by marriage at the time of arrest. Meanwhile back at the Westin, nobody knew the car was missing until the next morning when Reggie went to retrieve his vehicle from valet.

I wonder how often this happens. The lesson here kids, check your odometer settings. I bet he knew when the Colts hit curfew and everything.