Jets pick up Braylon Edwards off waivers

In a bit of irony, The Jets have picked up their former wideout, Braylon Edwards off of waivers. If you recall it was just last week that Braylon referred to Jets management as “idiots” for the way they’ve handled QB Mark Sanchez.

But apparently the Jets are forgiving. The Jets were trying to trade for Edwards a few weeks before the Seahawks cut him. I guess the little barb didn’t turn them off. Two seasons ago Sanchez and Edwards had great chemistry on the field. The J-E-T-S are hoping to recapture that magic and secure a spot in the playoffs.

The Jets moved on from Braylon the first time opting to sign Plaxico Burress – who also took Braylon’s #17 – but that didn’t work off the field the way the team envisioned.

Braylon couldn’t contain his excitement about returning to the Jets and even referred to New York as “home.” He also updated his Twitter photo to one of him in a Jets uniform.

Let’s see if the team can make some magic happen.