Gloria James boyfriend Da Real Lambo is threatening Power 105’s Charlamagne


I bet LeBron thought he was leaving his mother’s boyfriend, Da Real Lambo in Miami when he left the Heat. While Lambo and Gloria are still going strong, that doesn’t mean Lambo is keeping a low profile these days. Lambo had a beef with Power 105’s “Breakfast Club” host Charlamagne. A few months ago, Charlamagne made Lambo is donkey of the day.

Lambo didn’t forget it and apparently confronted Charlamagne’s co-host, DJ Envy and Angela Yee on Sunday night at Club Liv.  He even made a post about it on Instagram.



dareallambo So I woke up to 50!!! Miss calls cause this bitch ass nigga @cthagod @djenvy and the radio hoe!!for #103.5 the beat @angelayee is on the #radio this morning running they mouth about me for what happened at #clubliv last night , the truth is I went in them hoe ass niggas section stepped to @djenvey and ask him where his nigga @cthagod at////just know!!! u can’t!!! run yo mouth about #LAMBO!!!! then come in my city!!! like it’s all good!! If u gone talk that shit @cthagod don’t hide when u in a nigga #city!!!

Charlamagne was amused by it and proceeded to make Lambo donkey of the day again. That didn’t go over to well with Lambo, now he’s threatening to take a flight… while he’s on the runway… in a private jet.


           dareallambo @cthagod this not the type of money u wonna fuck with cause I mite be headed to #NY

What type of money is that Lambo? The allowance Gloria gets from LeBron and gives you?


This is too much.