Cam’ron says he used to bust up Stephon Marbury on the court back in the day [Video]


Back in the day, rapper Cam’ron released an album titled, “Sports, Drugs and Entertainment” because that’s what he dubbed hood aspirations. Most people don’t know that before he was “Killa Cam,” the rapper was a scouted basketball player. TMZ cameras recently spotted the rapper leaving Penthouse in West Hollywood, and asked who was better in hoops, Cam or Mase.

Cam also mentioned how he used to bust Rafer “Skip to my lou” Alston and Stephon Marbury back in the day.




In an old ESPN the magazine interview, Cam claimed schools like Georgetown and the University of Miami were interested in him, but Giles never finished his senior year of high school, skipping out after his team lost in the first round of the playoffs, and ended up getting his GED and attending Navarro Junior College in Texas.

But then he tore his hamstring and redshirted his first year. After that, Killa Cam was born.