Gloria Govan says Shaunie O’Neal had a chance to create her own cast for “Basketball Wives LA” but failed

Gloria Govan won’t be returning for season 3 of “Basketball Wives LA.” In a recent interview Gloria discusses why she believes the show has evolved into more of a “Bad Girls Club” type of production. Mrs. Barnes – remember she and Matt jumped the broom last September in Las Vegas – also responds to comments Shaunie and Evelyn tossed her way on Twitter about how the LA franchise came into existence. Gloria maintains it was a battle for the better cast and that she won.

What’s your response to Evelyn and Shaunie’s tweets?
To Shaunie, she didn’t have anything directly to say, she kind of jumped on the bandwagon because she knows what’s up. In terms of Evelyn she needs to stay in her lane, I understand she’s on Shaunie’s side no matter what because that’s her home girl. Evelyn out of all people should understand how spinoff’s work.

I knew if I had to respond to really anybody I was going to have to go into full length conversations, so I just left it all alone (on twitter). That’s how I felt about Evelyn, like girl you of all people need to stop talking, I don’t know if that headbutt got you all delusional or what but she knows what’s up.

Why do you think everyone got offended by your statement that Basketball Wives LA was created because of you?

It is obviously the power of editing. I wasn’t saying I was the creator of Basketball Wives, the franchise, period. I’m just saying that If I had not moved to LA there would not have been the spinoff. If this was Shaunie’s show, if she created it, like I said before she spends half her time in LA, she could’ve had her own show, and if she was this big and bad ass producer why would she even give my sister an opportunity to be on the show? I think that’s why she is not directly responding because, those who know the truth, know the truth, about how she didn’t create Basketball Wives at all and how we both had an opportunity to do a basketball wives spinoff, and my group stuck and that’s why she is just doing basketball wives Miami. You don’t see Shaunie on Basketball Wives LA at all. You don’t even see her in the background at a restaurant. She’s not anywhere to be seen because she has no involvement in it whatsoever.

So your saying there was going to be a spinoff between you and Shaunie, and your group got chosen?
When I moved to LA , Shaunie lived out here too and VH1 approached both of us. They told me to go out and get a group of girls, and told Shaunie to go out and get a group of girls, and whoever’s group sticks will get the spinoff. That’s how the spinoff happened. Even Draya had said it at the reunion. She said, “You’re the reason why we are all here making money, and how the opportunity came to me’ and that was all I had to say. And I said that in response to Malaysia who was like, “I’m the title of the show [A Basketball Wife]‘ and Bambi was like, ‘I’m on here because of my best friend and its all her show’ and I was like what are you talking about.

And if you were wondering why Gloria didn’t address Bambi’s claim that rapper The Game and his boys ran through her, Gloria said she did but the producers have it out for her and didn’t show her response. She also says she has respect for the cast but she’s off to do other things and spread her wings. Sounds as if her sister is planning to return to the show if she’s offered the opportunity.

Evelyn tossed more daggers Govan’s way on Twitter recently. Lozada, whose currently filming season 5 of the Miami show, questioned how if it was in fact Gloria’s spinoff, how did Draya manage to make the LA show HER show and was more relevant than Gloria on the show she was responsible for.


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