Gloria Govan believes rumors of “Basketball Wives LA” firings are true [video]


A few days ago TMZ dropped a bombshell claiming “Basketball Wives LA” was getting rid of four cast members for season 3. Since that happened, VH1 has issued a press release claiming the information was false and no decision have been made for the upcoming season. The network and the show’s producers have also reached out to the cast to assure them that their spots are safe. However, there’s at least one member of the group named who is calling BS on VH1’s claims.

The always outspoken Gloria Govan – now Barnes- has come out and said she believes the rumors and the reason why she’s on the chopping block is because of the decision she and Matt made for him not to be featured on the show this season. She also thinks the denials from the network are simply to save face and ensure all the ladies show up for the reunion.

I think both sides have a bit of truth to them. Casting decisions and contract negotiations usually begin after the current season is a wrap. Viewer feedback, ratings, etc. all play a part in that. Everyone can see that the LA version of the show hasn’t really lived up to the hype this season. On the flip side of that, the network has built a lot into it’s Monday nightblock of “love and basketball” or “love and hip-hop.” They have to keep that filled with content to keep viewers coming back to that Monday night 8 PM time slot. i.e. if we don’t have anything else to go with, we’ll fall back on old faithful.

But Gloria makes an excellent point. It’s no secret the NBA doesn’t want to be affiliated with this show. No team names are used, only cities are referenced for teams. The strain of reality TV on relationships (especially hers and Matt’s) has been well documented and for VH1, if there isn’t some connection to “the life,” it takes away some of the sexy.

The Miami version of the show is set to begin filming soon. We heard rumors of several cast changes on that show too. Right now we know Evelyn and Shaunie will be back and Stephon Marbury’s wife Tasha is definitely apart of the cast. As for the rest, we’ll just have to wait and see.