Is Laura Govan Tamar Braxton’s Husband’s Side Chick?

Are you ready for a big dose of tea on this last Saturday of 2017? Singer, talk show host and reality TV star Tamar Braxton jumped on Instagram in the early morning hours to spill some tea on her estranged husband, music manager Vincent Herbert.

The two have been going through martial drama as of late, with accusations of cheating and physical abuse. Tamar claims that Vincent has another woman pregnant. Naturally the post was deleted a short time after. Here’s where things start to get tricky.

In response to comments in the post, Tamar mentioned that Gilbert Arenas had mentioned something about Vince taking a trip with Gil’s ex, former Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan

The Govan sisters are known for befriending their casual associates husbands (Laura was accused of sleeping with Shaq (you see Shaunie “liked” Tamar’s post,) Gloria – ex-wife of retired NBA baller Matt Barnes is now currently involved with Derek Fisher.) Tamar and Laura were at least socially friendly…

You got all of that? Now, what’s in question; was Tamar stating that Laura is the pregnant sidepiece OR, is Laura friends with alleged side piece. For the past few months, Laura has claimed to be in a relationship. In one interview, she even claimed that the new boo was white. But, there have been no social media receipts to back those claims up.

Now, let’s add another layer… back in 2014, it was Gloria that was rumored to be a cheating situation with Vince… perhaps the wrong sister was referenced then? :: shrug::

Laura has turned off the comments on her Instagram – plus deleted a few posts where she was talking about her man. I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of the real mystery soon. But 2017 isn’t going out the door quietly.

If you are curious about the various six degrees of separation with the Govan sisters and pro athletes. Check out this post connecting the dots.


**UPDATED December 30**

Laura says this story isn’t true. That her ex Gilbert is jealous and lying. Gilbert responded saying he has a trail of Laura’s wire transfers and implied she was an escort. He also told Vince to RUN if he was dealing with her.