Gilbert Arenas Sues Laura Govan To Block Her Appearance On Basketball Wives; L.A.

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters; Avid Exposure Public Relations

Add Gilbert Arenas name to the NBA players (Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh) suing to keep their ex from spilling all their dirty little deeds on Basketball Wives. Gilbert’s ex, Laura Govan has already started shooting for the L.A. edition of the show but but Arenas is trying to block her appearance.

A suit was filed on Thursday in Los Angeles federal court by Arenas:

The suit accuses Govan and production company Shed Media US of trademark infringement, false advertising and misappropriation of the star’s likeness, among other claims.

“The presence of the defendant Govan and the title of the show is an obvious reference” to the NBA star, of the Orlando Magic, his lawyers wrote. As marketed, the show is “likely to mislead or confuse consumers that defendant Govan is either married to Plaintiff and/or has special insight into Plaintiff’s current life,” the suit states.

Laura recently gave birth to the couple’s fourth child. It will be interesting to watch this situation play out. Something tells me that Gil might have a harder time winning his suit but I’m no legal expert. Perhaps Laura should have sued him after those infamous blogs he used to post about her a few years ago. These two seem extremely dramatic.

I’ve asked this before but, how soon before we start to see athletes request confidentiality paperwork from their exes and reoccurring jumpoffs. It really is fascinating to watch.