Newly Drafted Kemba Walker Has Post Draft Celebration At Greenhouse [Photos]


Photos via Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Greenhouse in New York was the spot last night for post NBA draft festivities. Hosted by the 9th pick Kemba Walker who was selected by the Charlotte Bobcats (he’s rolling with Jordan now, too bad the Bobcats are a MESS.) The party was also attended by Grizzlies star, Rudy Gay, Tristan Thompson (who was selected by the Cavs in addition to Kyrie Irving who went #1), LeBron’s “guy” Rich Paul (one of the R’s in LRMR) and others.

I’m not a big fan of “sunnies” in the club, but if you must do it, on or off, that in-between thing he has going on doesn’t work for me. I’m sure there were more people there that avoided the cameras. Sometimes you just want to party and have a great time with no distractions!