Gilbert Arenas Says He Took A Felony Because Caron Butler Lied


Gilbert Arenas is still calling BS on his former teammate, Caron Butler‘s story about the infamous locker room incident. In a two-part Instagram post Saturday morning, Gil once again retraced inaccuracies between Butler’s version in his new book, “Tuff Juice.”


Gilbert says the reason why he ended up with a felony charge for bringing guns to the arena is because at the time, Caron lied and said Javaris didn’t have a gun, that it was actually an iPod. Gilbert said the gun wasn’t discovered until months later because… Caron had it. Saying Caron was being a “good teammate” and “leader” essentially protecting his teammate.

Gil says he knew the code and respected it, but with all the “dry-snitching” for book sales, he would at least like a signed copy.

He also claimed Caron was actually asleep when the card game on the plane went down.

g.i.l.b.e.r.t.a.r.e.n.a.s PART1..i will not give details becuz this story really needs to be told but i want #WIZNATION to look at #CB’s version of what happened on the plane….BUT heres the layout so u can figure out why his version is #FACKASSHOLLOWEENDOGSHIT…entering the plane,the seating to ur right 1 and 2 are flipped,facing towards the back…theres a table,then seats 3,4 which are normal plane 2 and 4 are window seats facing each other.1 and 3 are aisle seats….the next row 5 and 6 are about 4 feet away from 3 and 4..the left side its standard no table so the seats arent flipped but they have more the rightside has 8 seats and left side has 6 seats…so seats 3 and 4 on the left are equal to seats 5 and 6 on the right…Now lets place everyone..RIGHTSIDE seat 1 and 2..earl and MEEE..seats 3 and 4..CB and crit…seat 6,the ppls champ haha #Bwood so bwood is behind crit and cb is elbows with crit OKAYYY..LEFTSIDE javale should be in seat 1 but his ass is sitting on the arm rest so he can reach the table…BUT very important.. seat 4 is #TAWN its a window seat…remember is equal to seat 6 on the right side….so we have the spacing now…..#CB said in his book it got heated.. i put the money in my pocket,which if anyone knows..I didnt win any money JAVALE won lmaooo…but lets stay focus,so once the money hit my pocket (wink) #Crit jumped up and tried to attack me and #ANTWAN had to grab him….imma have to blow the whistle on the Play#20secondsTVtimeout unless tawn was in #superstreetfighterHYPERedition how can tawn from the leftside in seat 4 by the window stop #crit from getting to me???even if #crit was on syrup,sleeping pills and superslowmo tawn couldnt stop him from where he was….the question is.. since ur RIGHT NEXT to him ELBOW to ELBOW why wasnt u the one to grab him??? from the entire basketball staff we would like to say,caron couldnt grab anyone on a plane becuz HIS ASS was SLEEP…the seats must have nightquil in them becuz caron is as useless as a bull with tits on a plane..Caron was the dude who just missed something and ask (whats going on?) Or YOU lying to sell books…lmaooooo @bwood33 @dsteve92 @swaggyp1 #PI-YOW

Part 2.

 g.i.l.b.e.r.t.a.r.e.n.a.s PART 2…the locker room….the reason im pointing out key facts is….my name is being put in a light by someone who actually wasnt there… carons book he said Crit pulled out a gun ,cocked and loaded at me!!!!! okay im so fucking confused here @dsteve92 stop me if im lying….but wasnt CB the person who hiding crit gun and said it was a #IPOD?? i took a #FELONY becuz You told them #crit didnt have anything and i pointed the gun at him..thats why the world thinks im the one who pulled the Gun on my teammate and thats the story the team thought was correct…becuz u convinced the team he didnt have it….if ur story is correct in ur book #Toughjuice and he had a loaded gun pointed at me…HOW THE FUCK DID i get a felony charge and 30 days in a halfway house and all he got was a slap on the wrist and a misdemeanor charge and i didnt touch one gun or was near any guns took the DA 1 month to find his gun becuz u had it..i respected u as a teammate but this was foul knowing what u did….i kept my mouth close and u dry snitch the wrong story like u were a role model and some super teammate….ur a standup guy dont get me wrong,what u did for crit was what u should have done but what u did too me wasnt…so pls dont act like u liked us one bit bra….me,tawn,blatche,nick,dsteve,javale bwood You need our numbers???the reason im coming at u becuz we had a team meeting and like eddie once said too u(were just gonna call it how it is,a spade is a spade) good luck with the book tour but str8 Bullshit you did in this book…shit can i atleast get a signed copy lmaooooo for real since i have too live ur bullahit again hahahaha the only real one me..i had the most too LOSE and still sat there with my mouth closed and laughed with u….MY crime was Bring unloaded guns to a locker room…I paid that price and more…
Once again, whose version of the events do you believe? I’m actually inclined to side with Gil. If you missed Gil’ve first set of “Post and delete” Instagrams, you can check that out HERE